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The beginning...

The history of “Foie gras” goes back to the Egyptians [2500 BC]. The Egyptians found out that the migrators from the North were stocking fat in their liver by overeating and stopped only for drinking before arriving in Egypt, with an enormous liver, which was delicious to eat. They imitated the overeating by the forced feeding with figs improving also the taste of the liver

The way...
Around 100 BC the technique was also spread out through the Ancient Greece world and the Roman Empire. The Jewish communities diffused and strengthened this tradition via the Diaspora. Via the Danube river: Bulgaria, Hungary, up to Strasbourg [Ashkenazi]. Via Spain to the South West of France [Sephardic]

Today the three main countries of production are France, Bulgaria and Hungary.

“Foie gras” is one of the oldest European cultural products. Bulgaria has almost 2000 years tradition in this production.

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